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The Most Common Questions

Quite simply put, yes! Witchcraft is real. These days, there are many forms of “Witchcraft” and some also may confuse it with Paganism and Wicca. They are all different, but they do all exist.

All forms of divination should be unique and personal to the person. Sometimes, a generic 3 card (Past, Present & Future) reading will not help guide you in your specific question. There are often other times where a full on 10 Card Spread may be too overwhelming for a question which could really be answered with one card. Our lives are made up of a variety of aspects, and readings should reflect that.

You may have noticed that I have asked for your name, date of birth and a photo. This is to help me connect better with your reading and none of this information gets shared with anyone else, so please don’t panic. If you still feel unsure about this, a nickname will suffice or if you have a photo/picture that can represent you in some way, that would be amazing!

Ah yes… this old chestnut. No, I don’t worship the devil. Traditional Witches do not worship anything, but see everything as equal. No deities, no devils, just us and the power of our gut feelings! Apologies if you were hoping for something weird and wonderful like that!

Please allow 72 working hours (3 working days) for me to email you. If you want to talk to me after you have placed your order about your reading, please feel free to email me or contact me on social media.

Cross my palm with silver… A simple yet very old saying which has been used by many people. Readings take time and can take a lot of energy. By paying me, we have exchanged trust and an energy. A form of connection has been created which begins the whole journey.

Then we have the boring stuff… As businesses do, I have to pay my way through the world and those things called bills… oh how we all wish we could get rid of them!

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