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I am Elleiah...

I am a traditional witch and have been ever since I can remember. For over 20 years, I have been learning and exploring Traditional Witchcraft, falling in love with divination in its entirety from a young age.
Magic is all around us… Magic is us… It isn’t a supernatural force that can only be conjured by witches and wizards in novels, but a force, the intuition, energy and willpower within us that allows us to strive to be the best we can be.
I have been professionally reading for some time now, originally having services on The Village Witch – if you haven’t yet checked them out, I can highly recommend their products! I have read for many different types of people coming from different backgrounds, religions and including some famous people!
Divination can provide a strong sense of guidance, whether your chosen tool is a pendulum or a deck of tarot cards. It can help put your mind at ease or deter you from making mistakes. Through readings, I can help guide you through your path, your journey, your life.
I hope to see you around soon!
Love Elleiah x



Everything that I do is done with my upmost love and respect. Not only do I respect my craft, path and the tools which I use, but I aim to treat each customer as a friend, with love, kindness and confidentiality.


When receiving a reading, it is easy to be swayed by and want to receive the good, positive news. Life, however, always has two sides, and I will always endeavour to provide all my readings and answers with pure honesty.


Each of my readings are full of magic. I 100% believe and trust in the energies surrounding me, the tools which I use, the magic within me and of course, the connections we can make through my readings.

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Elleiah x


    What my customers say.

    Thank you very much for my reading you did a very good job and I appreciate it very much.