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The Village Witch January 2021 Sub Box Review

Hello Readers!

January 2021 has not quite been what we all expected, but the one thing we can always rely on is the delivery of the January 2021 Sub Box from The Village Witch! Without further ado, here is my review of this month’s sub box from The Village Witch.

This sub box was centred around the theme of transition and transformation and included a range of items which can aid you in working towards your goals for 2021, as well as working upon and taking care of yourself – something I feel like we all need right now. Here is what the box included:

Handmade & blessed Transformation Aura Spray (worth £12.99)
Handmade & blessed Imbolc Powder (worth £5.50)
Handmade & blessed Transformation Ink (worth £5.50)
Handmade & blessed Kick Up The Arse Oil (worth £5.50)
Handmade & blessed Self Love Cleansing Salt (worth £4.00)
Handmade & blessed Kick Up The Arse Incense (worth £5.99)
Handmade & blessed Imbolc Floor Wash (worth £7.99)
Handmade & blessed Self Love Spellvelope (worth £5.99)
Butterfly Suncatcher (worth £6.99)
Dreamcatcher Keyring (worth £2.99)
Pink Candle (worth 50p)
Yummy Treats (freebie)

What a box! The Village Witch Sub Boxes cost £30 those in the UK, and £45 for international customers and it is evident through this list the amazing value of this box! Yet, as amazing as at the value of the box, we are not here today just to talk about money (as great as the value is!). Therefore, here are my thoughts about the box!

My Favourite Item

It is always hard to choose a favourite item of any of The Village Witch Sub Boxes because they are all so high in quality, but I am going to try each month to choose just one that really catches my eye for whatever reason. So, here goes! My chosen favourite this month is the Transformation Aura Spray! I am a bit of a lover of their Aura Sprays in general, but there was just something about the name and the smell combined which just filled my head with wish like thoughts and I instantly imagined if this was what fairytale pixie dust smells like in movies (as silly as this may sound). It had that crisp but bubbly sort of smell to it – simply divine.

Biggest Surprise!

The biggest surprise for me this month was certainly the suncatcher! If you have watched my video above, it is clear to see how much I loved this Butterfly Suncatcher and how appropriate it was for this subscription box. Not only did the butterfly itself fully match the theme of transformation, but it was beautiful and I cannot wait to be able to put it up once the weather improves here in the UK.

My Plans for the Box

OK! Here comes the fun part – how I will be using the products this month! It is clear to see that with the items within this box, a little R&R is certainly in order, and what better time to do this than the New Year. Like many, I have set myself a wide range of goals to tackle head on this year and I will be certainly using the Transformation Ink and Aura Spray when setting my intentions and proceed to use the Kick Up The Arse Oil and Incense at intervals when I need a little boost of motivation. Imbolc is coming up very shortly, so I will be keeping these items to the side for now until the big day and use them on Imbolc to commemorate the day.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about this subscription box from The Village Witch this month and I will look forward to receiving my next box in February!

Love Elleiah x