2021 Witchy Goal Ideas

2021 Witchy Goal Ideas

Hello Readers,

Welcome to 2021! After the whirlwind of 2020, January is the perfect time to look back, reflect and ultimately plan for the year ahead. With that in mind, I have listed 5 witchy goals here that you may want to include in your New Year Resolutions.

Make time for magic

My number 1 tip for 2021 is to make time for your magic or your path. If 2020 taught us anything, it taught us that time is precious and it is incredibly easy to lose sight of what is important to us or get caught up in external issues that we cannot enjoy what is important to us.

Therefore, this year, why not to try and dedicate a little time each and every day to magic. 10 seconds a day may be all it needs to help you reconnect to your path. A couple of ways to make magic is to include it in a current morning or evening routine; choose a couple of magical activities you can practise at the same time each week (ie magical cleaning) or finding the magic in the mundane.

Find the magic in the mundane

The last point brings me nicely to my second witchy goal of 2021 – finding the magic in the mundane. Witchcraft many moons ago was not intended to be a path where you have to follow 1,000 steps before you can begin your magical working. Sometimes, the most effective method is the one where you go back to basics and open up to the natural magic already around you.

Cooking a meal, cleaning your bedroom, brushing your hair, going for a walk. All of these sound pretty mundane – an activity which anyone can accomplish in any given day, yet they are all magical if we want them to be. Cooking allows you to spread love through food to your loved ones, and depending on the meal, could even be healing! Brushing your hair or getting ready in the mornings can be a form of self care/self love – a spell in itself.

Start using what is around you

Whilst using your hair brush, it is also important to remember the other items around your house that you can use within your magical workings. Whether you are beginning your journey or you are a seasoned practitioner, you have everything you need to magic up the perfect spell.

No spell or jar candles? How about that Yankee Candle on your fireplace or a tealight! Run out of hyssop in your magical stash? Have you checked your kitchen cupboard for rosemary? Magical and Kitchen Herbs are exactly the same! Has your pendulum snapped? Why not use a necklace instead!

Learn and practice a new skill

Nobody is perfect and no doubt there is always something that someone else can do better, magical or not! However, they do say practice makes perfect, so why not dedicate some time in 2021 to learning or developing a skill! Perhaps you need to brush up on your tarot card meanings, or (if you are like me), aren’t that amazing at seeing auras. Just 5 minutes a week can help boost your skills.

Say thank you/gratitude

As cheesy as it may sound, my last goal idea for you this year is to say thank you more. Whether you need to say thank you to yourself, your loved ones, your ancestors, guides, deities, servitors, the earth itself! You can never say thank you too many times, and what better way to spread happiness and love than appreciation!

Anyway readers, that concludes my 5 Witchy Goal ideas for 2021! Will there be any from the list you will be tackling this year, or any others I have forgotten?

Have a magical week everyone.

Love Elleiah x

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