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Welcome to Elleiah

A UK tarot reader and divination and witchcraft service provider, I have journeyed through life as a witch, exploring the many paths and traditions that surround the magic and life in general. Here you will find a range of ways to help unlock your path or question, whether that be through my tarot, numerology, pendulum or other readings, or perhaps through my rambles of life and magic.

Welcome to Witchcraft… Welcome to Elleiah x


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What you can count on!


All my readings are completed by myself only and with strict confidence, so you don’t have to worry about your information being shared with anyone else.

Heriditary Witch

I am a hereditary witch, with my family line going back at least 10 generations. All my knowledge has been passed down from my many ancestors.

Helping Hand

My services do not stop after your reading has been sent. I will always do my best to lend a helping hand to answer questions or discuss your reading!

My Ramblings

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